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We invite you to participate in the fair-type Environmental tent organised by MTÜ Ökokratt.

• Environmental tent exists since 2003. Last year the Environmental tent received an award “Keskkonnateoke 2004” from the Estonian  Ministry of Environment.
• The aim of the Environmental tent is to raise the environmental awareness of the people and to spread sustainable life-style and way of thinking.
• The environmental tent is presented during 5 days in various fairs and outdoor events all over Estonia.
• The main focus is on environment. It is important to improve the access to environmental information, develop environmental friendly way of thinking and introduce environmental friendly behaviour. We also explain the reasons for the environmental problems so that people would understand the necessity of the nature protection and the influence of human activities on nature as well as each person’s role in it.
• In the Environmental tent we offer interesting and educating activities to different target groups: games, plays, handicraft possibilities, opportunities to test your knowledge in quizzes, listen to lectures and presentations.
• This event allows companies to present their environmental friendly products or services, offer visitors educating activities and interesting listening and seeing corresponding to your areas of activities.
• There is an opportunity to get acquainted with hobby associations and in case of interest also to join them.
• Study films are shown and environmental publications, materials and souvenirs are distributed.
• The target group of the Environmental tent as a fair-festival consists of Estonian high school and university students and their parents. The expected number of visitors in all events in total is 30 000 people.
• The participating companies have to pay for selling licenses and participation according to agreements.
See you in the Environmental tent!
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